🏫 Dalian Maritime University

Shipping Knowledge Training Program

Graduate 2023

Institute of International Container Lessors

Graduate 2013

🏫 Guangzhou University

⚙️ Bachelor of Engineering

🌐 Geographic Information System

💯 GPA - 3.2/4

Graduate 2007

🌐 GIS Spatial Analysis Method

🛰️ GPS Principle

💠 Data Structures

📐 Discrete Math

🚚 Logistics and Distribution

  • Inspector of Equipment & EMR department in Asia Pacific Region Ocean Customer Logistics.
  • Inspector of Equipment Maintenance and Repair department in Far East Asia Liner Operation Cluster.
  • Control maintenance and repair activities on containers in the terminals & depots in South China area, compliant with Maersk equipment policy.
  • Supervise equipment repair quality and suppliers' performance.
  • Drive the execution in relation to 3rd party recovery, assessment of total loss containers and operational support related to container sales.
  • Contribute to improving operational results like repair quality, turn time ⏳ and Out of Service time and drive EMR cost savings 💰.
  • Executive of Import department in MCCPRS.
  • In charge of the fast forward corridor - Intra-Asia to Hong Kong 🇭🇰 import shipment.
  • Clients: IKEA, Nestlé, Dairy Farm, Starbucks, LG Chem, etc.
  • Coordinator of Ocean department in various teams.
  • HUP - KAO, HUP - TPP LCL console owner in terms of NVOCC operation. 😎
  • SCM account owner in terms of 3rd party logistics provider 🚚.
  • Clients: PUMA, NIKE 👟, adidas, Foot Locker, Nine West, Wolverine, etc.
  • Design and optimize the Nansha Water Gate service for Guangzhou Port Group.
  • Recognition by Maersk STAR🌟 Award.
  • World Ranking No.1 and China Ranking No.1, total score 5,158,781.
  • This project illustrates well of container, the most modest "UNIT" and enlightening shows its unlimited potential for use and expression well beyond its original intention by presenting the information of container architecture in the city of Guangzhou.
  • Accepted for publication in Tropical Geography 2008 Vol.28 No.3.
  • Shipping International Trade \ Terminal Operation \ Equipment Flow and Maintenance
  • Logistics Supply Chain Management \ Freight Forwarding \ Warehousing and Distribution \ Dropshipping
  • Equipment Maintenance IICL certificate \ Star Cool CIM6
  • Management Supplier Management \ Stakeholders Management
  • Experienced with Web Development \ Linux SysAdmin
  • Blogging 3K+ followers Tumblr
  • Trading Card Game Magic: the Gathering 🃏
  • PC Game Battle.net \ Steam 🕹️